Distribution Services

R.C. Taylor employs an experienced team of department heads and order pullers who work with packers and delivery personnel to offer our customers accurate orders which are delivered in excellent condition.

Order Pulling

In addition to seasonal merchandise, our highly trained staff of order pullers are familiar with over 17,000 items warehoused in our 85,000 square foot facility.

Each order is hand pulled from computerized printouts and double checked for accuracy. Most general merchandise goods are pulled in batches to provide greater flexibility to our customers.

Packing & Loading

Each order is individually checked against computer printouts to make sure they are complete and accurate. Orders are carefully packed so they will travel securely and be ready to go on the shelf when they arrive.

Large and small orders receive the same careful attention when loaded into one of our many delivery vans and trucks. Great care is taken to ensure your order arrives fresh and in excellent condition.


R.C. Taylor maintains a fleet of vans and trucks to make sure your orders are complete. The fleet is capable of providing delivery to stores of any size. We route our deliveries by computer to make sure your orders arrive on time. Refrigeration is available, as needed, to guarantee freshness.

R.C. Taylor currently delivers to stores throughout Texas and New Mexico.